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Investment Casting Drawing | Tamboli Castings Limited

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Drawing Specification


From concept to finished drawing, TCL’s engineers are ready to assist customers at all stages of casting design. They can provide suggestions and guidance regarding tolerances and design details, alloy selection and even approximate pricing. Their aim is to help customers select the best manufacturing process, whether or not it is investment casting.

If you decide to order an investment casting, it is important to make sure that all the details needed to make a fair and accurate quote are included on the drawing. Doing so enables us to quote in a timely manner. It also shortens lead times and reduces confusion, manufacturing problems and the potential for changes and price increases after you place your order.

At a minimum, the following information should be included on the drawing or in your request for quote. Please call us if you have any questions about this list.

  • Part number
  • Part name
  • Revision level
  • Alloy, including heat treat condition and property requirements.
  • Cast and Machined Tolerances.
  • Critical dimensions and machining location points for part.
  • Corner radii and fillets for local areas or overall
  • General wall thickness unless otherwise dimensioned
  • Any special surface treatments such as electro plating, polishing.
  • Machining stock on machined areas
  • Packing and identification details.
  • Inspection and Certification requirements.

TCL is able to accept your 2-D and 3-D files electronically over the internet.


With the technology developed and refined over a period of time, the company is able to produce casting with very close tolerance and surface finish to international standards.




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